At one stage Srimati Radharani’s delirium increased and looking around She uttered, is this Uddhava or is this My Shyamsundar? Is this a chariot and if it is, is this supposed to take Him away, from me? No! No! No! I think I must be seeing a mirage, yes, this is a mirage; and unable to contain Her pain, anguish, and suffering any longer She fell lifeless to the ground unconscious.

At this time Lalita devi told Vishaka, I must go and fan my lady, look She is lying there crumpled like a withered flower. I must go get a lotus leaf so I can fan Her and bring Her back to consciousness before She dies of grief. So saying this, Lalita devi ran to Pavana Sarovara, but unbeknown to her, Srimati Radharani’s intense, burning mood of vipralamba had dried up Pavana Sarovara and there was not a single drop of water there. How can a lotus survive without any water? It can’t and Lalita devi was not able to find one.

The story of the Bhramar Gita took place here. When Uddhava finally arrived here he saw Srimati Radharani lying on the ground in total abandon. The burning fire of separation which was incinerating Her was so intense that if She fell down onto some muddy ground, within moments it would become dry and dusty. Sometime during Her delirious state of ecstatic love another black bumblebee came and She started speaking all sorts of things to it. At one point She began advising the bee. She said, did you come here to hear about this other black person that I know? Because if you only once hear about Him then you will be in danger, just like He put us in danger.

One should definitely not ever hear about Krishna, because as soon as one drop of His nectarean transcendental activities are poured into one’s ears, immediately one becomes distasteful towards all material attractions and attachments. A father is attached to his firstborn son, but hearing about Krishna he will leave him with his mother. A newly wedded wife happily married to a good husband hears about Krishna and wants to leave her home. A young boy perfectly brought up, well mannered, totally obedient to the will of his parents, hears about Krishna, and then shamelessly abandons them. This is the effect that one has when one simply hears about His activities.

One will give up all attachment for family, home, wife, children and all that is materially precious to people in this world. Acting in this way one makes his relatives and loved one’s very unhappy as one is forced to wander always in search of Krishna. So be very careful before you hear about Him or else yot too will be in a terrible predicament.

What Srimati Radharani is saying is very prophetic and as a warning to you all, those of you who are with us now on Sri Vraja Mandala Parikrama for 1988 and those of you who will be hearing about this in the future. We can see that for the last 20 years, Krishna has been empowering a great number of His devotees and representatives, sending them out into the world with Srimad Bhagavatams and Bhagavad-gitas under their arms. They are on patrol, looking for those souls who are interested in hearing about Krishna. It has been reported many, many times that as soon as these souls hear about the transcendental pastimes of Krishna immediately they run away from all material attachments forgetting about parents, wife , family and home.

So you better think twice and be very, very careful before associating with this Krishna’s people. They are only interested in hearing and talking about Krishna’s transcendental qualities and pastimes all day long, and in between eating all the prasad they can get their hands on and distributing the nectar of Krishna katha throughout the world, they sing and dance to His glories. So unless you also wish to participate in this kind of activities, then I would seriously advise you not to ever allow the name of Krishna to enter your ears, otherwise you will be floating across this dangerous ocean of materialism safely aboard the creeper of bhakti, dancing in ecstasy. Haribol!

Now to continue the story, Srimati Radharani said, further more since you are black just like Him you must have His qualities also, so kindly leave the vicinity. By seeing you my anger has increased. You go now far away from here. I don’t want to have anything to do with anything black anymore. The bee replied, I know Him, He’s not as bad as you make Him to be. What are His faults? Srimati Radharani said, you do not know much about Krishna, but we have heard how hard-hearted and ungrateful He is from Paurnamasi. You want to know what his faults are? Did vou know that in the treta Yuga He took birth as a dark person, and then this dark person took his wife to the forest. There, Surpanakha one of Ravana’s sisters came to him in a very alluring and beautifully equisite form proposing marriage to him. But he was so captivated by the beauty of his wife that he refused her offer, spurning her, and not only that, afterwards he cut off her ears and nose as well. Was that a noble thing to do? She was unable to marry anybody after that. Then again, this same dark person, born in a ksatriya royal family, had to kill an enemy of a friend as part of an agreement. Instead of killing this person, named Vali, who in actuality was not this dark person’s enemy at all, instead of killing him like a ksatriya, face to face, this dark person killed him just like a hunter, from behind a tree. Do you think that was fair? He never even gave Vali a chance. But that’s not all, in another life he took birth as a brahmana boy known as Vamanadeva. This Vamanadeva was a dwarf who once surreptitiously approached Bali Maharaja, who was master of the three worlds during an auspicious sacrifice and tricked him into giving away all he had under the pretense of begging for charity. Do you call cheating good? After taking all that Bali Maharaja possessed this brahmana, Vamanadeva sent him all the way down to Pataloka.

The bumblebee replied, perhaps this blackish person had good reason to perform these things; but there is one thing! I do not understand. You are saying that this blackish person is not good and that He is a cheater and dishonest and cruel; but if all this is true then why are You and your gopi friends always talking about Him, singing His pastimes, chanting His glories and praising hi name all the time? What is the reason for this I would like to know? Can’t you speak about anything else? Srimatj Radharani looked at the bee very gravely and said, that is the crux of the problem, once anybody hears the name Krishna even one time everything else is finished. One loses taste for everything and anything that is not connected with Him. One simply yearns and desires to hear more about His transcendental pastimes again and again and again not caring for family or friends or loved ones. This is the reason why we are not thinking, singing or chanting about anyone else but Him, it is because we are totally powerless to do anything about it.

When Uddhava saw the extreme griefstricken condition of Srimati Radharani and the gopis, he was thunderstruck. They all appeared just like wilted flowers giving a last farewell fragrance before departing on. Uddhava felt tremendous compassion for them and began immediately talking very authoritatively about Krishna’s transcendental pastimes, but halfway through he realized that his devotion to Krishna and his understanding of the more intimate regions of Krishna’s ecstatic mellows, was extremly shallow and limited compared to that of the gopis. At that moment the gopis became worshippable to him and falling down at their lotus feet offering obeisances, he spoke the famous sloka that is in Srimad Bhagavatam, beginning “asam aho carana renu jusam aham shyam”. Uddhava only desires to become a creeper or a blade of grass in Vraja, waiting patiently for the dust of the gopis lotus feet to fall upon him when they run to meet Krishna. This was Uddhava’s dream, to be born as an insignificant blade of grass in the land of Vraja. O the humility of a Vaisnava is a wonderfu phenomena.

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