The Origin of Sin

Even if a person such as Satan exists, he is no more than a special Jiva under the control of God, and has no power to do anything that is opposed to God’s will. However, in my opinion, it is not possible for such a monstrous living entity to exist. No activity can take place that is contrary to the will of Iswara, nor is any living entity independent of the Lord.

The Vedic System

In the beginning was the Veda-Shastra. One part of the Veda-Shastra teaches pious activities directed toward the attainment of material fruits (Karma); one part teaches knowledge directed toward liberation (Jnana), and another part teaches devotion with love and affection for Bhagavan (Bhakti). The Jivas (living enteritis) who are infatuated with Maya (illusion) are found in many different conditions.

Die Lehren der Vedas

Wir können daher nicht erwarten, Wissen oder Veda mit unseren unvollkommenen Sinnen zu erwerben. Auch können wir mit all diesen Unzulänglichkeiten des bedingten Lebens niemandem vollkommenes Wissen vermitteln. Noch sind wir selber vollkommen. Aus diesem Grund nehmen wir die Vedas so an wie sie sind.