About Tulsi Maharani

Tulsi – that can be used in the service of Radha and Krishna (like deity worship) is commonly found in two varieties – the green coloured Lakshmi Tulsi (or Radha Tulsi) and the purple hued Krishna Tulsi (also Shyam Tulsi, Vishnu Tulsi or Vishnu Priya Tulsi). Ayurveda also uses names like White Tulsi (Shweta Tulsi) and Black Tulsi (Krushna Tulsi) respectively.

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Uddhava Keyari

Vraj Mandala Parikrama with Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Maharaja

The place we have now arrived at is full lopof spiritual mysteries. It is a very unique and confidential location. Uddhava wanted to come to this place but he became so perplexed that he lost his way. When Krishna had gone to Mathura after being taken away by Akrura, the gopis spent months together in this place we are now. They did not eat or sleep or bathe or change their clothes, they were completely oblivious to all material considerations. They would not even return home to their families. They just laid around here totally shattered in utter despair. If there is any place in Vraja that could symbolize the most intense mood of separation, then this place is it. This place where we now stand within the boundaries of Nandagram exemplifies the highest mood of love in separation.

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Wahre Neujahrsgrüße

Wir müssen das Neue Jahr in solcher Weise feiern, dass sich unsere Hingabe täglich steigert. Wir müssen wissen, dass wir nicht dieser grobe oder feine Körper sind – unser Verstand, unser Ego und unsere Intelligenz. Wir sind jenseits all dieser Dinge; wir sind geistige Seelen, Teil und Teilchen des Höchsten Herrn. Wir müssen hinter uns lassen, was letztes Jahr geschah und in diesem Jahr neu beginnen. Unsere Hingabe muß stärker werden.

Die Frage mag aufkommen: Wenn meine Hingabe stärker werden muss, wie erhalte ich mein Leben? Um dein Leben zu erhalten, führst du fort, was du eh tust. Ob du es wünschst oder nicht, du musst einiges Karma leisten.

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