The other fang of the serpent of materialistic civilization is the excessive attachment to wealth or worship of wealth. As if by the magic spell of the mantras chanted by someone this obstacle of feeling one’s self with wealth is slowly disappearing from the closed and strong grips of humanity. The human soul can’t be freed unless the strong shield of materialism is pulverized to pieces, so to free the souls of the people of this world is the creation of the financial problems of the world, a very severe blow on the maddening sense of acquiring wealth.

The incoming day of this great fortune is hidden behind an unprecedented bad day. Though the influence of Kali will soon disappear, but before its disappearance the last attack of Kali will have such a severe impact on the world that it will be beyond imagination. Same as the dying fly’s last jump on the fire, the last and the most severe attack of dying Kali will fall on God and religion, so at that time the true God loving saintly persons will have to stand the kicks of almost mad Kali in the same way as the unperturbed fire accepts the bravado of the dying fly. On the other hand the saintly persons will have to pass through a devastating fire test, as a result of which the sure and real saintliness will be bright and whatever fakes are there will be burnt out. The flames of devastating fire of Kali will touch their chests more. At that time for the last and final acid test for purification of God believers there will be huge store of tortures and insults day after day. Those will be God’s true beloveds in degrees who will with as much calmness and firmness with their heads down be able to welcome these all purification processes. Those will be the fore runners of the messengers of love with the arrival of the Prema yuga throughout the world.

For earning this great fortune of carrying the great winning flag of God, we should be prepared from now. With darkness of bad days deepening more and more, the lamp of faith will have to be brightened more and more, and the anthem of victory of God and religion will have to be sung more and more fearlessly and in high pitched voices. The poisonous vapor of the movement against God and religion is spreading throughout the world by and by, with its intensification in no time; we should get united from now itself to fight against that up to the last praying for the power to fight. If no co operation is received from anybody, then like a trusted soldier one must singularly stand firmly in Kali’s fight for his-her life and the arrival of the new era, and one must also promise from now that if required sacrifices one’s life at the altar. When the holy blood of a true believer of God would fall on mother earth having spilled from the hands of tyrant, then with that blood offering would rise millions and millions of true devotees simultaneously with the extinction of the influence of Kali. The day of the full test of faith and devotion of those true devotees of God is coming shortly. The seed or the cause sown the causing of Thakur Brahma Haridas in twenty market places, the day is near when the effect of that would start and spread far and wide.

Before that state of a very severe aparadha (offense) is reached by humanity, if the disease of turning away from God could be cured, then nothing more joyful and good could be imagined, but because of our extreme bad luck if the same does not appear to be possible then for the proper treatment of this world wide great disease, on unprecedented devastating war will engulf the entire world (third world war), as a result of which all the egoism, arrogance and rowdiness of materialism will be quenched. The preparation of that is going secretly in all the civilized countries of the world, all the good wishers of the world are apprehensive of the severity of the incoming war.

As soon as the heat of the world generated by Kali is quenched, thereafter during the balance period of this present yuga the great socialism will reign throughout the entire world, the great celebration of this great union will rise gradually, that will be the full form of the religion of the soul achieving its correct revelation, that is Prema Dharma or its main policy propounded by Sri Krishna Chaitanya Deva, the top most donor of Prema. By the grace of God though India has been a seat in the United Nations at the appropriate time, only due to her glory of religion, the United Nations will joyfully on its own award the highest seat to India.

(Extracts from the book “Jiver Swarupa & Swadharma” by Sri Kanu Priya Goswami.)3

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