Religion holds the world. With the degree of the loosening bonds of religion instead of tranquility more and more inequality and disturbances would spread over the world. From the insults of the religion of the soul, inequality and disturbance are generated. The only reason of all envy, malice, quarrels is the slackening of the religion of the soul. Not only in the living world, due to slackening of the atmosphere an unheard of change is noticed in the nature too. Unprecedented storms, tornado’s, floods, earthquakes, lava of fire from volcanoes, famines, epidemics, droughts, heavy downpours, electrocution, snowfalls, the news are being published in the newspaper in greater proportion.

Though at the present the influence of Kali will be more widely perceptible instead of the signs of arrival of the Prema yuga, one should not lose hope or feel dejected, just because the arrival signals of the Prema yuga for doing good to the world are also noticed at intervals during the shouts of joy of Kali. Before the new arrival of spring one or two mango buds can be noticed and from there the message that soon throughout the country the mango buds will be blooming all over similarly now in however small form the arrival signals of Prema yuga are noticeable in the world disturbed by the influence of Kali. It is to be understood that in the near future these will completely cover the world far and wide with great impact. As the nectar comes out only from the churned sea, so at the present the Prema yuga will evolve from this world itself which at present is churned, agitated and disturbed. From the friction of this unsteadiness and inequalities, this unsteadiness and frivolous nature and the fast and unnatural changes in all matters are revealing that news very clearly.

As before coming out of water from the churned sea, some bouts of poison came out, so also the bad impacts of almost exiting Kali may appear to be fearful to the inhabitants of the world as poisonous and harmful but there is no reason of losing hope. From the end of the old itself this new age will come up in the same way as from the worn out and dying root of a banana tree the green powerful sprout comes up, so also the Prema dharma will arrive in the world from the end of the old. The skeleton of religion as is dangling at present before the unclean world maddened by consumerism, powerless, dirty and withered away conditions from the ashes slowly and steadily will rise the universal and young Prema dharma. It will be not a dry socialism centered on ego-mad atheism and charred by the hopes of worldly comforts, it will be inspired by the complete faith on God with every breathing, kept secret by the Vedas, propounded by Sri Gouranga, pure and lively socialism.

The women of the world are waking up shedding the spell of mesmerized sleep. They are waking up to be restored in their real selves as the mother of the world, as goddess of power the symbols of great power breaking the shackles of pomp luxury, throwing over board the trans of being just women for satisfying man’s lust under the influence of Kali.

Though the speed of this change has not reached the desired goal yet, even then that this progress will be directed to and driven towards the center of that stability. Woman’s movement around the world indicates that possibility. The awakening of the women as “MAHASHAKTI” (the great power) freeing themselves from just being men’s women it will not end in breathing fresh air of freedom, as long as they don’t turn themselves to worship offering service to God the source of all power. Then and only then the woman’s awakening will have the full significance. Not only women of India but throughout the world will one day have their rest at the root of the Prema dharma tree of Sri Gouranga and will have their complete satisfaction that the need of the cause of that is at the root of women’s awakening though the signs of that are only visible in minuscule form, may not reveal itself fully today but gradually will and will be realized so.

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