This is an interesting article. It was written in the year 1937 by his Holiness Sri Kanu Priya Goswami, a very prominent Gaudiya Vaishnava at that time.

(Please note: Sri Kanu Priya Goswami is not completely accepted in the Gaudiya Math lines of thoughts, as far as philosophical conclusions are concerns. After reserving this article from other Vaishnavas, I did a deep research about Sri Kanu Priya Goswami and found out, that he was oppose to significant conclusions of the Vaishnava Siddhānta. So take it with caution!)

Extracts from the book “Jiver Swarupa & Swadharma” by Sri Kanu Priya Goswami.

The holy advent of Sri Gouranga Sundar stands out as the least of good events in the history of the modern age. In the near future over the ashes of materialism and consumerism a great religion of the soul will emerge the inconceivable influence that will wipe out all sorrows, distress, dejection’s, malice and all sorts of blemishes of the human heart, and thereafter, keeping the whole world together in one unbreakable bond of pure, clear and wholehearted love of God. The name of that religion is “Prema Dharma” or religion of love propounded by Sri Gouranga.

In a very subtle way, the inevitable influence of Sri Gaura lila of this Kalpa will be revealing gradually, and after Kali’s untimely exist, in this Kaliyuga only the Prema Dharma (religion of love) will prevail throughout the rest of the period of Kali as the best Atma dharma (religion of self), and gradually people will realize the same being hallowed in its own glory.

At the present though Gour lila is withdrawn from here, the Prema seed which has been strewn in the world during that lila due to sure and infallible reactions of its influence in the near future from one corner of the earth to the other, the world will be flooded by a great flash of Prema dharma.

In the near future that pride of intellect of millions of intellectuals will be blown to pieces and they would roll on the feet of Bhakti Devi. Millions of untouchables and non Hindus will assemble and unite in the great arena of Nama yuga.

After the last day of Dwapara yuga to the first day of Satya yuga is the ruling period of Kali Maharaj and so this time is called Kali yuga. Kali is the epitome of all vices and the sin incarnate. It is due to influence of Kali generally humans become disbelievers of the existence of God and matters relating to God i.e, they turn their backs to God. Atheism or lack of religion snowballs gradually appear from the start of Kali yuga. The signs and influence to be noticed generally at the end of Kali are manifesting though it has just crossed only about 5000 years out of its life span of 432000. From this specialty of this Kali yuga it can be taken as an indication of Kali’s early exit. Kali is exiting as if after announcing the beginning of Prema yuga. This distinction of the present Kali yuga when compared to other Kali yugas is clearly under stable.

The raised fire of hatred and quarrel is gaining size and momentum everyday not only in India but through out the world. The quarrels of rulers and ruled, rich and poor, old and new, between nations, castes, men and women, in the fields of education, religion and society, inter and intra groups, quarrels and quarrels, in all spheres this fire of hatred is spreading in huge size. When the effort is made to put out the fire of quarrel it spreads hundred folds in as many directions. Such violence and hatred and wars fights and quarreling mindset, all are manifested simultaneously throughout the world. This is almost rare in the history of the world. Leaving aside all other things if you notice the quarrel sign of Kali then the present time can be seen as the full statue of Kali, so when the last signs are visible in the early period of Kali, the world will understand gradually that the influence of Gaura lila is the main reason of death symptoms of Kali.

To turn this Kali yuga as Prema yuga the God of Love Sri Goura Sundar came Himself and sowed the seed of love in this world. The seeds, when sown in the first stage have to spend some time hidden in the womb of mother earth before they sprout, similarly the seed of Prema dharma activated during Goura lila is having almost similar first stage, rarely sprouting at places and the second stage is just unfolding. It is extremely impossible for Kali to stay in that Kali yuga where the seed of love or the seed for Prema dharma has been activated to be practiced throughout the world. So observing the exit signs of other Kali yugas in the beginning of this Kali Yuga blessed by the arrival of Goura the clear indications are that this time Kali will have to go away hurriedly with the arrival or evolving of Prema yuga.

Kali’s greatest influence is to establish materialism and consumerism on the holy shrines of the eternal soul, the inescapable bad result of which is no confidence on religion and disbelief in God. The present world is standing in the midst of a furious storm of materialism or atheism created by the influence of Kali on the way to his exit. As if the whole world is on revolt to disown God openly. Many in the hearts are materialistic or atheist though they may appear to be believers of God in their public front. As this materialistic approach is having the multiplier effect every minute so, worshiping materialism or the great urge for enjoying women and wealth is assuming the indomitable stature like the thirst of a typhoid patient. Religion is floating like a worn out skeleton in the turbulent current, this is the feeling of the people.

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