Guru Shukracharya forbade Bali Maharaja by saying “Don’t give him [Sri Vamana] any donation/charity. It’s Bhagavan come in disguise”. Bali Maharaja rejected this order of Shukracharya though. “I’ll do that thing for which I had accepted you as a Guru in the first place”, this mood. And so what happened? Shukracharya cursed him by saying “May your wealth/opulence be finished”. Did Bali lose his opulence? Bhagavan gave Bali that opulence which he has never even given to Indra [King of the temporary Heavenly planets/Svarga]! That majesty that Bali Maharaja possesses even now is much greater than Indra’s.

If we are moving forward on our path towards Prabhu [God]. Prabhu himself has appeared as the Guru. We’ll keep on going until we attain our goal, we shouldn’t be that type of sadhaka [devoteepractitioner] who will just wobble and fall down. We won’t think “Now I’m bound”. It’s not a worldly Vedic marriage where we feel bound to see it through to the end. Move forward onto God. Your class took you this far, give respects and move on.
A Guru and disciple’s relationship is for the purpose of Bhagavad-Prapti [attaining Bhagavan]. “I won’t stop my footsteps until I reach my goal! And wherever I need to go to ask directions on my way, on my path to get there, I’ll go and find out from there. Either you tell me in this form [of the Guru] or you come in another form of the Guru and tell me, but my footsteps aren’t going to stop”.

To consider Guru as limited to one body is deep dark ignorance. A Guru is not a body, please listen carefully to the words of the scriptures ‘akhaṇḍa-maṇḍalākāram vyāptam – “The Guru is all pervasive”.

brahmānandaṃ paramasukhadaṃ kevalaṃ jñānamūrtiṃ
dvandvātītaṃ gaganasadṛiśhaṃ tattvamasyādilakṣhyam ।
ekaṃ nityaṃ vimalamachalaṃ sarvadhīsākṣhibhūtaṃ
bhāvātītaṃ triguṇarahitaṃ sadguruṃ taṃ namāmi ॥

The one whose nature is fullness that is Brahman, one who gives me (and all) complete happiness, who is one (non-dual), whose is of the form of knowledge/consciousness, who is beyond the pairs of opposites, who is like the space (allpervasive), who is the implied meaning of ‘That thou art’, who is One (without a second), who is timelessness, who is pure (free from binding likes and dislikes), who is stillness (acalam), who is the self-evident witness of the mind (of all mental modes), who is free from the three guṇas (sattva, rajas and tamas), I salute that Guru in deepest reverence who is truth/existence.

Gurustuti from Gurugītā, Skanda Puran

This is the Sadhguru. If Guru is ‘sarvadhīsākṣhibhūtaṃ – a witness of every living being’, then he can speak through anyone and everything, the Guru has an office everywhere. He can accept any form and speak to us. Just look at the example of Dattatreya from the Bhagavatam. He made 24 Gurus, even a Prostitute, the Earth, Wind, A musk-deer etc. To think you’ll get an aparadha for trying to move on and progress in your devotional path is very low class thinking. Aparadha? What aparadha?

“You give me a process by which I can purify my antahkarana [mind, intellect, ego], and if you can’t, then you come appear in another form of Guru for me. Jay Sri Radhe, Pranams. It’s not that I’m bound to you and you can treat my badly and I have to tolerate it. I won’t accept that you are placing me into worldly matters. Whatever purpose I came to you for, that purpose still remains, so I will go on further and do what it takes.”

Ordinary common people get worried about all of this. You have to be brave on this spiritual journey. We can’t transgress the instructions of our Prabhu [Lord], but we can transgress everyone and everything FOR our Prabhu! I told the other day that even if your Guru tells you not to reside in Sri Vrindavan, then you should reject this instruction of the Guru. I’m not saying this, it’s Vaniji [the writings of the Rasikas] that are saying this.

“Do everything that opposes religious principles, reject all religious duties, and abandon your guru in order to reside in Vrndavana. That is your supreme religious duty. That is devotion to your guru”

Srila Prabodhananda Saraswati – Vrindavan Mahimamrta 17.49.

“She is not my mother, he is not my father, he is not my relative, he is not my friend, he is not my well-wisher, and he is not my guru, who does not order me to reside in Vrndavana.”

Srila Prabodhananda Saraswati – Vrindavan Mahimamrta 17.35.

basi kai vṛndāvipina meṁ aisī mana meṁ rākha |
prāna tajauṁ vana nā tajauṁ kahau bāta kou lākha ||67||

“While residing in Vrindavan, one should keep the following mentality: I will give up my life but I will not give up the forest, no matter what anyone says.” – Sri Vrindavan Sat Lila – Hit Dhruv dasji.

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