Become free from there, become absorbed in bhajan of Sriji [Sri Radha]. And firstly, don’t make anyone your Guru, make Bhagavan your Guru. Say “O Krishna! O Krishna! O Jagatguru [Guru of the entire world, ‘Krsnam-Vande-Jagat-Gurum]! You are my Guru, and if you feel that I need a manifest person as Guru, then you come and take up that form, meet me in that form, give me the intelligence to recognise that it is you, may my heart and mind become cool/pacified, may my consciousness be surrendered at your lotus feet. How am I to know what this or that Sant [Saint/Sadhu] is like? Please attract my mind to the right place.” He [Krishna] will take you to a Guru where there will be no doubts, no need for any kind of change.

By whose association, whose words, whose glance of mercy; we feel nourishment in our path towards Sri-Priya-Pritam [Shyama Shyam], that person is our Sad-Gurudev [True Guru]. Understand that “We don’t change Gurus whenever the external form of the Guru changes”. It’s possible that the Guru’s external form may change because our Gurudev is manifest as many forms in this world. Now how, where and when the Guru will grab us by the hand and take us away, that’s Guru’s responsibility, his job, but realise that it is our very own Gurudev doing this.

If however, for the purpose of attaining some material wealth, some worldly position, one transgresses the order of the Guru, then that person will fall down, then it will be seen as opposition to the Guru. I mean if there’s a Guru who is sincerely helping you in moving forward spiritually and you transgress his orders, reject him etc. for the sake of some worldly position, some name and fame etc. then this will most certainly be a grave offence to the Guru [Guru-aparadha]. But for the sake of attaining the Supreme… If we say “I received Guru-diksha from you. It’s not working out for me. Nothing spiritual is happening from following you, I have the same worldly consciousness.” Then give them pranam/respects [and move on from this]. You’ve graduated from that class, you’ve got all you can from there. Now the same Gurudev will come in another form and take us further to the next classes/the next level. We should see these as different levels of classes and we should have the mindset that “I will not rest/stop until I attain Bhagavan. My footsteps will remain firm and forever moving forward, for the sake of attaining my Supreme Goal”.

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