Granting Perfekt Love

Lord Shiva eternally resides in Lord Krishna’s abode, Vrindavana, where he manifests many forms to render devotional services to Him. The form of Gopishvara Mahadeva was manifested by Lord Krishna’s desire. When Krishna desired to perform His Rasa dance, Srimati Radhika, the embodiment of His pleasure potency, manifested from His left side and Gopishvara Mahadeva manifested from His right side. The form of Shiva who lives in Kashi or Kailash in the material world is a partial manifestation of the original SadaShiva in Vrindavana. The many other commonly worshiped forms of Lord Shiva are expansions of SadaShiva. They are not the original. Partial expansions such as Pippaleshvara Mahadeva, Bhuteshvara Mahadeva, Rangeshvara Mahadeva and so on, cannot award the benediction that can be attained by the mercy of Gopishvara – the highest perfection of love, namely vraja-prema.